Where Health Meets Taste is Epigamia Yogurt!

Me: I love food!! I am a foodie ❤

Also Me: I need healthy food, I need to stop eating junk and reduce weight

There is always a battle going on between the foodie me and the staying healthy me, now in such cases it becomes really difficult to choose one!! But not anymore and thanks to Epigamia for introducing variety of yogurts both sweet and savoury. They have low fat content and high protein content. They are rich in fibre and preservative free.


It comes in variety of flavours like:

Alphonso mango, wild raspberry, green apple,vanilla bean, natural, strawberry, blueberry, honey banana (90 gms cups) They are priced at Rs. 38

Also they have launched snack packs which has a cup of yogurt and chunky granola and barley puffs, it comes in four flavours:

Sweet- Alphonso Mango, Strawberry with Granola Chunks. It is 112 gms of cup, comes with a plastic spoon and is priced at Rs. 60.

Savoury- Cream n Onion, Jalepeno with Barley Puffs. It is 104 gms of cup and also comes with a plastic spoon and is priced at Rs. 50


My personal favourite amongst these are-

  • Alphonso Mango- With or without granola I am in love with this flavour since it was launched in the market, it used to be my snacking partner. It has a kick of flavour, so refreshing and fresh. One can feel the taste of fresh juicy mangoes. I eat one cup with granola for breakfast and love it, if you wish you can have two cups at a time depending upon your diet.


  • Cream n Onion- This is my most favourite yogurt, it is savoury, rich, delicious, creamy and with a pop of refreshing taste. It is so good that I wanted to have more and more of it. We can eat it mixed with barley puff as well as we can add the yogurt and barley puffs to chopped vegetables and make it a salad. This can be eaten as a meal. I added cucumber in barley puff and yogurt mixture and it tasted so refreshing and was quite filling.

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

  • Natural- It is thick natural yogurt which can be used as a base for sweet or savoury dishes. This is the only yogurt out of all the yogurts which I wasn’t able to eat alone. I added fruits in it and kept it in freezer for sometime and it tasted divine. It can be eaten when you crave desserts and sweets a fantastic replacement for desserts.


  • Strawberry- Strawberry flavours don’t usually attract me but this one is so natural that I couldn’t resist myself from eating it. It comes in a snack pack with granola as well which tastes great.


  • Wild Raspberry- This is one flavour I am repurchasing again and again. I am in love with this flavour it has the kick of berry flavour along and has a perfect blend of sweetness in it. I usually eat it for my evening snacks mixed with cornflakes as cornflakes neutralizes the sweetness.

Things that must be kept in mind while consumption and storage are:


  1. Always keep them refrigerated
  2. Make sure you finish before expiry date

Only concern for some people is their price as there are other yogurts available in the market for lesser price, but to me this isn’t a concern as the their quality is worth every penny spent. So go ahead people try these snacking options which are associated with health, taste and variety.

I would rate them 5/5 because there is nothing wrong with them!!

You can buy them online from here

Let me know your experience with Epigamia Yogurts 🙂


Priyanka Chaudhary

My Shopping Story



How To Customize Your To-Go Palette 

We all love to travel and equally we all love makeup!! Isn’t it?

So to make it convinient for everyone brands are coming up with customizable palettes and that is the best thing to happen. Just one palette and you are sorted for your travel and holidays. Let’s see how can this be done:

  • Empty Palettes

First we need an empty palette in which we can set all our makeup products. There are several brands which provide empty palettes, so if you have not tried go ahead and try them.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.40.43 AM

  • Compact Powder

Get that base right with the perfect compact powder and add a block of it to the palette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.44.23 AM

  • Blush

Blush is a must have in your makeup kit but don’t you guys think it takes a lot of space in your makeup bag. Well what if you can get small blocks of blushes also in the shades you love along with all your makeup.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.45.57 AM

  • Eye Shadows

Frosty, foiled, matte, velvety and many more the kinds and shades of eye shadows are unending. But wait for travelling you don’t need too many shades so go ahead and buy your favourites and put them all in just one handy palette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.47.37 AM

  • Highlighters

We alll might be familiar with the question:

People: “What’s the glow you are wearing?”

Me: It’s theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer

So now you can just grab the highlighters you love and put them in one palette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.51.41 AM

  • Brow Powders

Brows are as important as face, so without ignoring them get them the powder thy love and make them look beautiful add the brow powder in the all in one palette

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.50.33 AM

  • Lipsticks

The more the merrier is the concept of lipsticks for me so a block of lipstick won’t hurt your palette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.49.16 AM

This customizable to-go palette is the most reasonable thing you will find, plus you can compile your favourite shades, brands and products together in just one palette- who wouldn’t want that!!


My Shopping Story


Picture Courtesy: Nykaa

“Summer dressing done right- an inspiration from flowers blooming everywhere despite of heat”

Isn’t it a good kind of strange that flowers bloom despite of scorching heat!

 It inspires me to get going even during the days full of obstacles and difficulties. I have always believed that hurdles make us stronger and bring fruitful outcomes. Nature inspires us to look around and observe the beauty, not just scenic beauty but also beauty of life. It tries to inspire us at every step of life. Keeping this in mind I got a dress from Chumbak with prints showcasing flowers and dream catchers. The dress is a perfect blend of dark base with bright print. It can be worn during summers as well as during winters, daytime and evenings, casual and parties. 

So when things start falling apart and nothing seems right just remember best things are grown out of hardships. 

My clothes are always inspired by something that has value attached to it, it speaks out what kind of person I am. I want all of you to look around yourself and observe before you feel like giving up!

Eye pencils I have used recently

I love experimenting with different colours on my eyes as well as keeping it subtle. My inclination is towards coloured eye liners as they help to enhance the daily look without any extra effort.

In summers my preference is coloured eye liners over eye shadows because my face is sweat prone. Recently I have started using three eye liners and look forward to experiment with more bolder shades soon.

My recent to go eye pencils are :

  • Kiko Milano smart colour eye pencil in shade 07. It is light mauve shade which is just perfect for summers. Keeping the whole makeup subtle and simple but just add this on your eyes to enhances the look. It is smooth and easy to apply. Quantity is 1.12gms for ₹290. It is value for money, long lasting and glides easily.  
  • Lakme Eyeconic eye pencil in shade grey. The best part about this pencil is that it doesn’t need sharpner, it is twist and roll pencil. It’s formulation is smooth and light. The colour is super pigmented and is great even for creating smoky eyes. It is waterproof so sweating isn’t any problem. The only concern for this product is that it smudges a bit on my eyes. 0.35 gms is priced at ₹275. 
  • L’Oréal Silkissime eye pencil in the shade plum. It is smooth and easy to apply eye pencil. The pigmentation is fantastic. My only concern about this pencil is that after every application it needs to be sharpened. 1.1 gms is priced at ₹ 575. It is expensive because it finishes off quickly, the pigmentation is superb. If you want to buy this do buy it during sale because that is what I do 🙂  

I love these three because of their formulation and colour.

I am definitely going to buy more shades in Kiko Milano range.


Priyanka Chaudhary

My Shopping Story


Liner & Lip Colour Duo For Summers!

Pinks, peaches and bright colours make their way in our makeup stash during summers. It’s time to experiment with different lip colours.

I thought of sharing with you a perfect lip liner and lipstick duo from drugstore brand. The lip liner is by Colorbar in shade Cocktail Peach 009 and liquid lipstick by Chambor Extreme Wear in shade 461. They both have similar pinkish peach shades. They are suitable for both day & night time, for day a single coat is required and for night double coat.
Colorbar Cocktail Peach 009 – It retails for ₹599


  • Glides smoothly on lips
  • Comes with a sharpner above
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable
  • Matte look


  • Drying

Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick 641 – It retails for ₹845


  • Long lasting
  • Matte
  • Variety of shades available
  • As the name suggests (transferproof)
  • Full coverage
  • Super pigmented
  • Easy to apply applicator


  •  Drying

Both the products are worth the price and they are long lasting, they deliver what they claim. The only miss in both formulation is dryness they impart. If you want to apply this, it is mandatory to moisturise your lips well so that they don’t feel drying. If you do so they are worth buying. Love the range of colours they come in.

My rating for both the products is 4/5


Priyanka Chaudhary

My Shopping Story


Gifts Your Mother Will Love!

A bit emotional about this blog post as it is dedicated to my mother and all the mothers, grandmothers and to be mothers. I don’t know how it feels to be a mother but I know the immense unconditional love our mother’s give us which can never be compared. I am grateful to god for creating “mothers”, they are angels in our life.

Things we must gift our mothers throughout life – Respect, Love, Gratitude, Hugs & Kisses. So go ahead and hug your mother right now! 

But as it is said a little gift never hurts, our mothers have sacrificed so many things in their lives for us. So gifting them little something will cheer them up, here are some options that can be gifted to our angel mothers –

  1. Jewellery – From town to city, village to district all mothers out there love one thing and that is jewellery. Give your mother some elegant pieces this mother’s day. My personal favourites are Tanishq’s bracelets and designer jewellery by Ikroop. 
    Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.16.25 PM

    Tanishq 14 Karat Gold Bangle

    You can buy this from Tanishq offline or online stores.


    Ikroop Valley Earings

    You can buy these Ikroop earrings from SKIA Stores. Click here to buy!


  2. Bath & Body Gift Hampers – With summers on head gifting bath & body hampers is perfect. Our mothers do need self pampering and with great bath & body ranges they can definately rejuvenate and pamper themselves. The Body Shop and Kama Ayurveda has great bath & body gift hampers.
    Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.33.55 PM

    The Body Shop Moringa Gift Set

    Click here to buy!

    Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.36.04 PM

    Kama Ayurveda Gift Set

    Click here to buy!

  3. Bags – One thing no mom can live without is her handbag. Magically she finds solution to our day to day problems from her handbag! Gift her statement bag – my personal favourites are by Zara and BoMono.
    Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.40.05 PM

    Bag by Zara, you can buy it from Zara stores.

    Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.40.46 PM

    Victoria Bag by BoMono

    Click here to buy them from SKIA! 

  4. Sarees – Every mother needs a classic piece of saree in her wardrobe. Saree is a statement piece and love for it is unending. Gift her elegant silk sareers from Fabindia.                                    Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.45.28 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.46.31 PM

    You can buy these from Fabindia stores or from here

  5. Skincare & Make-up – One must haves on our mother’s shopping list. And for the mums who can’t get enough of makeup and skincare like mine there is huge sale on Nykaa, so go ahead grab the best deals on skincare and makeup for your mother.Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.50.46 PM

    Click here to buy!

    Let’s bring a smile on our mother’s face this Mother’s Day by hugging her and gifting her something she loves.


Priyanka Chaudhary

My Shopping Story


My Bath Regime This Summer!

A bath regime must include four things – Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Body Lotion and Body Mist/ Eau De Cologne. I have always relied on one brand to complete my bath regime and that is – The Body Shop. They are 100% vegan and free from cruelty.

I have tried many drugstore shower gels but they were very harsh on my skin and contain parabens, that was the time I decided to go for The Body Shop. It is very essential for me to take bath with a shower gel that keeps me refreshed throughout the day. According to me shower gels must be mild, cleansing and should have a good natural fragrance.  I have tried their Satsuma, Strawberry, British rose range and now I switched to Fuji Green Tea range.

  • This range is formulated with antioxidant green tea from Japan which refreshes and detoxifies skin.
  • The shower gel is mild and with a refreshing mild green tea fragrance which is perfect for summers. I love the fragrance of this range.
  • It can be used with a loofah for gentle exfoliation, I use the same.
  • It has transparent plastic packaging with a black lid at the top.
  • It is a soap-free formulation.
  • 250ml shower gel retails for Rs 345/-.


I am a firm believer of layering with the same range because by doing so the fragrance persists. Next, I use The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea replenishing gel lotion.

  • It has the similar mild refreshing fragrance as of shower gel and the smooth texture helps in moisturizing my skin in just one go.
  • It has a mild formulation which is perfect for skin during summers.
  • The packaging of a lotion is user-friendly as it has a pump on top of it which comes with a lid preventing the lotion from reacting with the environmental conditions.
  • 250ml body lotion retails for Rs 575/-



After applying body lotion I use The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne, it completes my blissful bath regime. It is light and wearable.100 ml of Eau De Cologne retails for Rs 1295/-.

  • As the other products in the range, it is mild and wearable.
  • 100 ml of Eau De Cologne retails for Rs 1295/-.


After layering my skin with these three, it feels so refreshing and detoxifying which gets me going through the scorching heat of Delhi. I do apply Eau De Cologne once again in the middle of the day to keep up the fragrance. The best part about The Body Shop is they have a lot of ongoing discounts throughout the year, even now mother’s day discount is there which is 25% off on purchase of any 4 products and 30% off on purchase of any 5 products.


To me Fuji Green Tea Range of The Body Shop is a big yes, I am really happy with how

  • They make my bath experience so refreshing, detoxifying and rejuvenating.
  • Their cute green packaging is like an icing on the cake.
  • Their sizes are good enough to last a season, so definitely they are worth buying.

Go ahead and buy this amazing range from the stores near you or you can also buy this online from their official website. Click here to buy!

P.S. I use body scrub as well but due to a minor skin issue my doctor advised not to exfoliate my body with body scrubs for a couple of months, that is the reason I go for mild exfoliation with the loofah and shower gel.