“Summer dressing done right- an inspiration from flowers blooming everywhere despite of heat”

Isn’t it a good kind of strange that flowers bloom despite of scorching heat!

 It inspires me to get going even during the days full of obstacles and difficulties. I have always believed that hurdles make us stronger and bring fruitful outcomes. Nature inspires us to look around and observe the beauty, not just scenic beauty but also beauty of life. It tries to inspire us at every step of life. Keeping this in mind I got a dress from Chumbak with prints showcasing flowers and dream catchers. The dress is a perfect blend of dark base with bright print. It can be worn during summers as well as during winters, daytime and evenings, casual and parties. 

So when things start falling apart and nothing seems right just remember best things are grown out of hardships. 

My clothes are always inspired by something that has value attached to it, it speaks out what kind of person I am. I want all of you to look around yourself and observe before you feel like giving up!

Cut Loose From What Everyone Else Is Doing – My Kinda Look!

“Cut loose from what everyone else is doing…. Be Different!” – I read this line somewhere on Instagram and just loved it. We tend to follow what everyone else is doing, the question is why?

Because we shut the doors of innovation and creativity. Even I was blindfolded by this approach in life but then it struck me that I want to do what I love, doesn’t matter if that is in sync with what others are doing or not! Since then no one could stop me….

My recent cutting loose from what everyone else is doing moment was while I was getting ready for work. I wore my favourite denim joggers by Chumbak’s recent collection with a basic black tee-shirt by Zara and black close toe heels by Allen Solly to work.

P.S. I am a huge fan of their Designs and my recent favourite from their collection is these denim joggers priced at ₹1599. This is available in two colours (black and blue) at all the Chumbak stores.


Priyanka Chaudhary

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