How To Customize Your To-Go Palette 

We all love to travel and equally we all love makeup!! Isn’t it?

So to make it convinient for everyone brands are coming up with customizable palettes and that is the best thing to happen. Just one palette and you are sorted for your travel and holidays. Let’s see how can this be done:

  • Empty Palettes

First we need an empty palette in which we can set all our makeup products. There are several brands which provide empty palettes, so if you have not tried go ahead and try them.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.40.43 AM

  • Compact Powder

Get that base right with the perfect compact powder and add a block of it to the palette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.44.23 AM

  • Blush

Blush is a must have in your makeup kit but don’t you guys think it takes a lot of space in your makeup bag. Well what if you can get small blocks of blushes also in the shades you love along with all your makeup.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.45.57 AM

  • Eye Shadows

Frosty, foiled, matte, velvety and many more the kinds and shades of eye shadows are unending. But wait for travelling you don’t need too many shades so go ahead and buy your favourites and put them all in just one handy palette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.47.37 AM

  • Highlighters

We alll might be familiar with the question:

People: “What’s the glow you are wearing?”

Me: It’s theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer

So now you can just grab the highlighters you love and put them in one palette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.51.41 AM

  • Brow Powders

Brows are as important as face, so without ignoring them get them the powder thy love and make them look beautiful add the brow powder in the all in one palette

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.50.33 AM

  • Lipsticks

The more the merrier is the concept of lipsticks for me so a block of lipstick won’t hurt your palette.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.49.16 AM

This customizable to-go palette is the most reasonable thing you will find, plus you can compile your favourite shades, brands and products together in just one palette- who wouldn’t want that!!


My Shopping Story


Picture Courtesy: Nykaa

A Carefree Bohemian Look!

I am a free at heart kind of person, who does what they love doing without worrying about the world! And so is my dressing, my dressing speaks about the kind of person I am.

Inspiration of the look:


This look is inspired by bohemian and hippie side of mine- wanderer, happy and carefree. I am wearing a flowy floral short dress paired with metallic headband, flats and round reflectors. Each element of the look talks about being carefree and in my own world. Round reflectors, metallic headbands and flats are the statement pieces in the whole look.

This look is apt for:

This look is apt if you are planning to go on an outing at beach side or pool parties. It has a touch of funkiness and bohemian style.


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Key elements of the look:

This look is all about the small elements that work superbly to enhance the look, so if you are planning to get this look following things are must:

  • Round Reflectors
  • Metallic Headbands
  • Metallic Flats


Makeup for the look:

When I talk about the look it isn’t just accessories, it is also about makeup. With such pop of accessories it is important to keep makeup subtle. That is why I have kept simple eyes with just dark green liner, plain face without any highlighter or blush and bold lips with red colour. So the idea is not to add a lot of colours and to make face look all natural. So you can keep bold matte lips, keeping everything else simple. Lipstick options can be- red, orange, purple, black.

Instagram Post Never shy away from who you are

Hair for the look:

Hair should be kept messy, some of the options are open hair similar to what I have kept or hair with small braids and metallic headband.


Footwear for the look:

Footwear should always be flats as heels would negate the carefree vibes, also keeping the metallic theme in mind metallic slides are perfect.


Look details:

Short Dress: Singapore Street Shopping

Metallic Headband: Sarojini Nagar Street Shopping

Reflectors: H & M

Metallic Sliders: H & M

Lipstick: Colorbar Hollywood Lip Stain

Eyeliner: Lakme Eyekonic in shade Green

Face: MAC Studio Fix SPF 15 Foundation NC37

Nails: Nykaa Matte Nailpaint Shade Chocolate Ganache

This was all about my views for carrying a carefree bohemian look!

“Summer dressing done right- an inspiration from flowers blooming everywhere despite of heat”

Isn’t it a good kind of strange that flowers bloom despite of scorching heat!

 It inspires me to get going even during the days full of obstacles and difficulties. I have always believed that hurdles make us stronger and bring fruitful outcomes. Nature inspires us to look around and observe the beauty, not just scenic beauty but also beauty of life. It tries to inspire us at every step of life. Keeping this in mind I got a dress from Chumbak with prints showcasing flowers and dream catchers. The dress is a perfect blend of dark base with bright print. It can be worn during summers as well as during winters, daytime and evenings, casual and parties. 

So when things start falling apart and nothing seems right just remember best things are grown out of hardships. 

My clothes are always inspired by something that has value attached to it, it speaks out what kind of person I am. I want all of you to look around yourself and observe before you feel like giving up!

Want To Head Out And No Time For Full Make-Up – Solution Is Here!

One thing that we are always short of is time – time to get dressed, time to shop, time to spend with family, time to work, time for holidays & “time for make-up”! Brands have been working to find the solution and they have come up with a magical solution which is the “Cushion Foundation”. Many brands have launched their cushion foundation, it is foundation embedded in the sponge which makes application easier, faster and on the go.

Why use cushion foundation?

As it is foundation embedded in sponge used with a puff that helps us get the right amount of product required. It is easy to apply, can be applied anywhere with minimal time and efforts. It gives sheer natural coverage to the skin.

What are the different kinds of cushion foundations available in market?

Many brands have launched cushion foundations, some of them are –

  • Maybelline New York BB Cushion (available in 2 shades)
  • The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation (avaialable in 2 shades)
  • The Face Shop Cushion Foundation (available in four variants – Therapy cushion, BB Power Perfection, CC Long Lasting  & Oil Control)
  • Innisfree Cushion Foundation (available in 2 variants – Water Fit & Long Wear and in 6 shades)
  • IsaDora Nude Cushion Foundation (availabe in 6 shades)

Which cushion foundation I love?

Innisfree water fit cushion foundation shade N27 is my holy grail.


My experience with Innisfree water fit cushion foundation?

I have been using this product from couple of weeks now and it has become one of the most important things in my handbag. I have combination skin with oily T-zone and dry cheeks so I chose water fit range as it is hydrating and gives glow to the skin unlike long wear which tends to minimize pores and give a mattifying look. So if you are a person with oily skin go for pro long wear range.

It comprises of three things – foundation sponge, cushion case and a puff. Innisfree gives lot of cushion case options to choose from, they have really cute designs. I chose the one I loved the most, Number 133 it is pretty purplish pink colour. It comes in 6 shades out of which four shades are suitable for fair to dark medium skin tones and the other 2 for the women with very fair skin tones. My shade is N27. It feels refreshing when applied due to green tea water present in it.





The best part about this product is that it’s like second skin but better and radiant. It has 35 SPF which is great as I dont need to apply sunscreen beneath it for the days I have less exposure to sunlight. Love the way it makes my skin look natural and glowy. I am very happy and satisfied with the product. I use MAC pre+prime and than this that’s all and my skin looks so radiant. IMG_7527

I would rate it 4.5/5, because it won’t be suitable for people who want complete coverage and want to hide marks.

Cost of the product?

  1. Innisfree Cushion Case – 600/-
  2. Innisfree Foundation Sponge – 900/-
  3. Puff – 150/-

P.S. If you buy new designs of cushion case, you get two powder puffs free of cost so go on and grab yours right away!

My suggestions – 

  • Visit Innisfree store and try the right shade for yourself and then buy, apply it for atleast half an hour to see it’s proper effect and then buy.
  • It is 100% natural which is the best part
  • It is value for money, as you can refill so every refill will cost you 900/-
  • Ensure to keep the puff clean and keep on replacing it on regular bases for hygiene purpose.
  • It is a good buy if you travel a lot as it is travel friendly.



Priyanka Chaudhary

My Shopping Story




My shopping haul at Kama Ayurveda

Winter season requires great care for hair and skin, as they become dry and flaky. This season always takes me back to the times when my grandma used all her natural Ayurveda remedies.

“I feel so nostalgic!”


Well this winter I tried Kama Ayurveda, and it took me to good old days when everything was so natural and purely extracted  from nature. My shopping haul at Kama Ayurveda was the best possible way to ring in 2017.

My skin is prone to acne and breakouts and hair becomes extremely dry during winters. In order to combat this I bought following items:

  • Tea Tree pure essential oil – It has anti-bacterial properties which disinfects pores and dry out whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and blemishes. Since my skin is prone to acne breakouts I just love the way tea tree oil works for me.
  • Bringadi intensive hair treatment – It prevents hair loss, early graying, dandruff and conditions hair. My scalp tends to dry out and become rough during winters and I have just applied once and can see the results. Looking forward to try it this whole season.
  • Lavanya natural plant mask – It helps to keep skin young and pimple blemish free. After application skin feels so refreshed, clear and rejuvenated.
  • Pure Rosewater – It can be used as toner or mist. It acts as natural astringent and clog pores. I use it as a toner and always carry small (50 ml) bottle in my handbag to use it when my skin feels tired and I am on the go, I spray it on face. It refreshes my skin. I have also used it with Lavanya natural plant mask, you can mix it with face packs for better results.

These are some of my recommended products from Kama Ayurveda this winter. They work well and the best thing about Kama Ayurveda is that if you want to try they have small size products as well, which is a unique thing that we don’t usually find in other products. They are 100% natural and my heart just goes to them.

Can’t wait to try their “Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack”, have ordered it from Nykaa. If Kama Ayurveda stores are not in your city, don’t worry their products are available online on Nykaa. Grab them now.