All About A Casual Attire By H&M!

How can we wear casual outfit and yet look glamorous is something we all question!

The solution has always been there, with adding the right accessories and makeup. It changes the whole outfit game and makes one look glamorous. I was going out to meet friends for lunch and I wanted to dress casually with minimalistic things. So I opted for denim shorts and black shirt by H&M. Shorts are my favourites when it comes to going for casual outings.

The outfit was not enough, so to enhance the complete look I added accessories to it- Tote, glares & footwear. I have been loving these silver footwear by H&M a lot. This whole look is completely taken from H&M. Right from tote, footwear, shirt & shorts.

When it comes to makeup red lips add the touch of glamour required for a casual look. Red bold lips are my current obsession and I am believer of having bold lips when the outfit is casual. Red lips and red glared add the pop to the whole outfit.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Abhilasha says:

    Awesome look. Shorts are most favorable attire for girls.


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