Exploring Luxurious Ayurveda With Forest Essentials 

Nowadays people are getting more aware of the damage products containing chemicals can cause, so they are switching to pure ayurvedic products.

In search of exploring pure and luxurious ayurvedic and natural products I found Forest Essentials.

As soon as I enter their store, the aroma is so rejuvenating and calming. I am a person who loves calming aroma, so to me it was perfect. They have huge variety of products right from skincare, haircare amd body care.

After exploring everything it was time to buy the products, my purpose for entering the store was to find something for hair. One great thing about their store is you get travel size products, which really help you if you are looking to try for the first time.

I bought several products for my skin and hair :

  •  Floral Makeup Remover 
  •  Delicate Facial Cleanser in two variants – Kashmiri Saffron & Neem and Purifying Soya Milk 
  •   Facial Toner in two variants – Pure Rosewater and Panchpushp 
  •  Light Day Lotion (Madurai Jasmine & Mogra) 
  •  Ultra Rich Body Lotion (Nargis) 
  • Hair Cleanser (Amla, Honey & Mulethi)
  • Intensive Hair Repair Mask (Japapatti & Brahmi) 

With all these products I got Saundarya Advanced Serum with 24 karat gold sample free. And I love the brands that give customers free samples to try. 

My first impressions –

I have tried some of the products from the above mentioned products and how they turned out to be-

  • Floral Makeup Remover – It is made up of several floral oils and has such sweet floral fragrance. Very less quantity is required and it removes even heavy makeup. I am in love with this one! 100 ml is priced at ₹ 675. Reaction with this purchase – Happy
  • Delicate Facial Cleanser Kashmiri Saffron & Neem – It is a mild cleanser which removes all the impurities from face, suitable for acne prone oily skin. My skin felt clean and refreshed just after first wash. The great part is that it doesn’t lather much as it is all natural. Travel size (50 ml) – ₹295, Full size (200 ml) – ₹1075 Reaction with this purchase – Happy
  • Facial Toner Pure Rosewater – I tried making rosewater at home and this has almost similar aroma which shows how natural it is. Just three pumps and my face is good to go. It makes me feel refreshed and relaxed. Travel size (50 ml) – ₹350, Medium size (100 ml) – 595₹ , Full size (200 ml) – ₹1075. Reaction with this purchase – Happy
  • Hair Cleanser Amla, Honey & Mulethi – My sole purpose of visiting Forest Essentials store was to find something suitable for my hair as they have been damaged by chemical treatment and yes I can say I took right decision by visiting their store. Although it is too soon to tell as I have used their cleanser only thrice but I can see the difference. Travel size (50 ml) – ₹325, Full size (200 ml) – ₹1295. Reaction with this purchase – Happy

Other products I haven’t tried yet and some are for my mother. But just want to mention that if you are looking for all natural effective products go ahead and try this brand, in true sense it is luxurious ayurveda. The best part is you can buy travel size products which doesn’t burn hole in your pocket and if they suit you then buy full size. Just loved my shopping experience with them, the shop assistants are very helpful and polite and the products turned out to be amazing. Not just this they keep all products wrapped in butter paper inside their store bag and add flower petals and fragrance to it.


Priyanka Chaudhary

My Shopping Story



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